Saturday, February 4, 2017

a topnotch crop top

No, this post isn't about a shirt. Though I think Noah made a topnotch drawing on sticker paper of CW Flash's Jay Garrick's shirt.  

Yes, this is about a top - what's on top of his head.

No, this isn't about Jay's helmet that Noah colored using a silver Sharpie.

No, this isn't about the wing on Jay's helmet that Noah made out of an old blister pack (sample below... with rejected wing drawing attempts on the left-hand side), a gold marker, black permanent pen & a paint pen.

This is about this hairpiece...

... that Noah cropped...

Yes, chopped...

... so Jay would have both a helmet AND hair for his top.

This Jay Garrick custom minifig is obviously still work-in-progress, but it already is the best crop top I've ever seen!

Photos are my own. Reference photo of CW Flash Jay Garrick is from Google images. Sorry, no photo credit since I just got it from Noah. 

Noah's age when he created this: 12 years old

Thursday, January 19, 2017

when original is unoriginal

Noah doesn't really ask me to buy him LEGOs. He finds them too expensive (especially here in the Philippines) so he makes his own minifigs. 

Because he didn't have the Batman V Superman Batman minifig, he started to make one for himself. He made the bat sign with electric tape and drew the details from the movie costume on sticker paper. 

He felt the standard-issue cape wasn't movie-accurate so he made one with black fabric paper and tan (yes, according to him, not yellow) paint.

Then I, now regrettably, got him the Kryptonite Interception set so he got an original Batman minifig. 

And he decided to abandon the custom chest he made months ago and used the standard-issue Batman torso. He still felt the arms & legs weren't true-to-the-movie...

... so he recreated it by carefully drawing the chest pattern on Batman's limbs.

He also wasn't satisfied with Batman's eyes which were just a white strip.

So he "got sticker paper, drew a circle with a black pen, outlined it with some dark gray and covered the top part with black so there'd be that gray half-circle. Like a crescent. It was very tedious."

I love Noah's custom eyes, arms and legs. But I prefer his custom torso with the electric tape bat sign than the original LEGO one. And his custom cape. In my opinion, Noah's customs are much more original than the original.

Photos are my own & from Google Images. 

Noah's age when he created these: 11  years, 3 months & 11 years, 11 months