Thursday, July 30, 2015

mobile connection

Noah made an iPhone 4 out of LEGO! The resemblance is uncanny! With a power button, a camera, an Apple logo...

... and even volume controls!

But what is most awesome about this creation is the engineering of it! The pieces don't simply go in one direction. 

As you can see here when I take apart the basic structure into quarters, the middle parts that will meet up are all bottom parts (no studs). 

How do they connect? First, because of these 2 1x1 bricks. 

This is how that 1x1 brick looks.

When I flip the pieces over, you will see the other way the quarter parts will connect. See those 1x4 bricks with side studs?

Here's a close-up...

And here's how the quarters come together...

Those 1x4 bricks will connect to each other with the help of these white plates.

The white plates form the back of Noah's iPhone. 

He just adds the part for the camera, draws an Apple logo and voila! He can now take my photo...

... and take a call! ;p

He later upgraded the home button to this round tile.

Nowadays, mobile phone models get old so fast, but this LEGO iPhone 4 of Noah will never get old in my book.

Noah's age when he created this: 10 years, 6 months

Saturday, July 4, 2015

his way or the highway

Noah built a Porsche from his imagination. But the fact that he built it without any instructions wasn't the most top-gear about this creation. I thought the ingenuity of using those hand-like parts to connect the trunk to the roof kicks this creation into higher gear.

I love that he didn't use a regular LEGO windshield. But that still wasn't the most top-gear thing about this creation. Noah prepared different LEGO stud pieces for when the headlights are on. 

Of course, he had to edit the photo of the one with headlights so there are light beams. Hehe. And yet, this still wasn't the most top-gear thing about this creation. If you look under the hood, you'll see he installed NOS (nitrous oxide systems) from Fast and the Furious. 

But even though these customized parts were so tiny that they obviously required such remarkable precision, these still weren't the most top-gear thing about this creation.  What won the race for me was how he built the car. He could have used the usual LEGO "car floor" - the flat piece with a ready provision for the tire pieces. 

But he didn't. Instead of building his Porsche from bottom up, he seemingly built the bottom of the Porsche from side to side.

This genius construction was what drove me to an unprecedented level of awe. Seriously, I am amazed at how the wheels in his head are turning.

So in the choice between his way or the highway, I definitely choose his way! 

Noah's age when he created this: 10 years, 5 months