Saturday, June 20, 2015

"minifigure" redefined!

Noah is such a stickler when it comes to proportions. Remember how he used Toy Story Woody's long legs for Ultron here since he's supposed to be 8-feet-tall vs the regular-sized Ironman & Captain America minifigs who are 6-feet-tall?

So when he told me he wanted to make Ant-Man, I tried to manage his expectations and said it might not be possible to make a really tiny minifig. After all, they're called minifigs because they're already "mini"! But he said he could with this trophy of this sumo wrestler minifig. 

After we purchased that tiny trophy, I was worried he'd end up frustrated if he couldn't draw Ant-Man's details to fit that tiny minifig. But he proved me wrong. He started with tiny details on the chest. 

Then drew even tiner details on the face. 

Then he put silver paint on the pedestal. 

He even put these tiny details at the back of Ant-Man's tiny head. 

And it really was tiny. 

Unbelievably tiny. 

I am so amazed he was able to draw such fine details on this minier-than-mini minifig! Now this, this is the real "minifigure"!

Noah's age when he created this: 10 years, 5 months

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

torn between two lightsabers

So Noah saw the awesome Star Wars trailer. Of course, Han Solo caught my attention. Meanwhile, what Noah noticed was the new lightsaber! Here's a screenshot of the trailer from YouTube...

And this is his first homemade attempt at it...

It's so adorable that he used minifig hands!

I already thought this was awesome. But he made another one. This time, he cut the top and bottom pieces with a nail cutter to make the middle piece.

He colored the gray piece with a silver Sharpie and the gold piece with gray & black Sharpies. Then he glued the tiny pieces together. 

That middle piece, he combined with these red staffs. The two small red rods were again cut from another long red staff.

And after all that meticulous cutting and coloring, this was his second light saber attempt. It's still lacking a black handle that he also plans to Mighty Bond to the lightsaber. 

He says he made two options of the lightsaber for me to choose from. But I'm torn! I love the adorable ingenuity of the minifig hands of the first one. But I also love the realistic look of the second. And the masterful craftsmanship that went into it. 

How in the world do I choose between the two? I'm so torn between these two lightsabers!

Noah's age when he created this: 10 years, 4 months