Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Dissatisfaction Guaranteed

Since we watched Avengers 2, Noah has been busy working on minifig projects because he isn't satisfied with the standard issue LEGO Avengers 2 minifigs. He is obsessed with making minifigs that are as authentic and true to the movie as possible. 

For instance, this is work-in-progress Ultron made from Toy Story Woody's arms & legs. 

When he was showing me the LEGO Avengers 2 sets on Google, I noticed the LEGO Ultron is regular-sized. So I asked him why he decided to use Woody's long limbs for Ultron. He said Ultron is 8 feet tall versus Captain America & Thor who are 6'4". So since Cap & Thor are regular-sized minifigs, the Ultron minifig needs to be taller. 

He was also not satisfied with this standard issue Thor minifig...

So he carved (yes, etched with a knife!) these details on Thor's arm...

A plain leg didn't cut it either. Here are the hand-drawn leg details...

Thor's hammer needed "upgrading" too. It needed blending and a handle. 

The standard issue scepter of Loki was missing the mind stone, he said. 

So he cut off the middle prong, trimmed another prong, colored it silver, and stuck a blue mind-stone-looking LEGO piece in the middle. 

He was also dissatisfied by the fact that the standard issue Nick Fury doesn't have a coat. 

So he is making his own out of black paper fabric we got from Wrap Shop (I don't know if there are any other 10-year-olds who ask to go to this store), sticker paper he colored with a Sharpie and some colored pencils. 

You've seen Captain America's helmet before. So you already know that Noah used Flash's helmet to make Captain America's headgear. He cut off Flash's lightning horns with a nailcutter! Then, he used blue paint, aqua & blue Sharpies and a correction marker for the A. 

But did you know why he needed to make a helmet? Because he was not satisfied with the standard issue Captain America minifig that comes with a mask printed on the minifig head!

He was also dissatisfied by the standard issue Vision minifig. 

He didn't like it that they used "sand green" on the body. He says it should be a darker green. And the cape shouldn't just be plain yellow. 

So he fashioned one with the authentic details with these materials...

Finally, he was dissatisfied with Black Widow's body. So he carved out her sides to give her a more womanly body. 

Yes, my perfectionist son is incredibly hard to satisfy. But I love that his dissatisfaction leads to these homemade, customized minifigs with such intricate details. Ironically, his dissatisfaction guarantees my satisfaction. 

Noah's age when he created these: 10 years, 4 months

Photos of standard issue LEGO minifigs are from Amazon.com

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