Friday, May 8, 2015

FlashBRICK Friday

Noah has so many old customized LEGO creations that I need another series to post all of them. So welcome to the FlashBRICK Friday series! 

During the time of this 2012 creation, Shell had their LEGO Ferrari promo running. This led to Noah customizing racecars and racecar drivers. 

He made Honda and Toyota racecars and prepared the minifig torsos for the corresponding racecar drivers. I love that, on the paper above, he had handmade logos as headings for each car & driver!

I am so amazed at how my then 7-year-old could draw such tiny logos on the minifig shirts! I mean, just look at that tiny Ferrari logo!

Noah's age when he created these: almost 7 years, 10 months

Do check out this blog every Thursday and Friday for Noah's old customized LEGO creations. 

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