Thursday, May 7, 2015

ThrowBRICK Thursday

Noah was obsessed with Ninjago during this time. Since he already had the white, blue, red & black (still in its box) Ninjagos and we couldn't find the green one and Sensei Wu, he made his own!

He turned Dumbledore's beard white with paper and made a ninja mask out of paper! I was amazed at how he sculpted the paper to make a helmet. 

I also love the origami-like shoulder armor made out of paper.

Sadly, my perfectionist Noah wasn't happy with these so we eventually ended up buying a real green Ninjago and a real Sensei Wu minifig. But I much prefer the homemade ones!

For me, the hand-drawn, handcrafted details on Noah's handmade minifigs are way more special than the store-bought ones. 

Noah's age when he created these: 7 years, 10 months

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