Thursday, July 30, 2015

mobile connection

Noah made an iPhone 4 out of LEGO! The resemblance is uncanny! With a power button, a camera, an Apple logo...

... and even volume controls!

But what is most awesome about this creation is the engineering of it! The pieces don't simply go in one direction. 

As you can see here when I take apart the basic structure into quarters, the middle parts that will meet up are all bottom parts (no studs). 

How do they connect? First, because of these 2 1x1 bricks. 

This is how that 1x1 brick looks.

When I flip the pieces over, you will see the other way the quarter parts will connect. See those 1x4 bricks with side studs?

Here's a close-up...

And here's how the quarters come together...

Those 1x4 bricks will connect to each other with the help of these white plates.

The white plates form the back of Noah's iPhone. 

He just adds the part for the camera, draws an Apple logo and voila! He can now take my photo...

... and take a call! ;p

He later upgraded the home button to this round tile.

Nowadays, mobile phone models get old so fast, but this LEGO iPhone 4 of Noah will never get old in my book.

Noah's age when he created this: 10 years, 6 months

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