Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Great Scott! It McFlies!

Noah thinks the standard-issue LEGO DeLorean is too big for the Marty McFly minifig. So he decided to custom-make a smaller DeLorean. It's only 4 x 10 studs big. 

Great Scott! The doors open!

Can you see what part makes this DeLorean the one from BTTF1?

Noah even positioned the rod so it would hit the cord of my laptop's plug. 

Now, can you see what part makes this DeLorean the one from BTTF2?

Yes! Mr. Fusion!

Great Scott! It (Mc)Flies!

The tires fold downwards...

... using this mechanism...

Next, Noah plans to make a custom Marty McFly minifig. But right now, I'm asking him to clean up the Great Scott-ered mess of LEGOs on the floor. After all, my feet don't fold upwards to let me hover over those sharp bricks! ;p

Noah's age when he created this: 10 years, 10 months

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