Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Noah builds...

I know Avengers 2 is out because of Noah's work-in-progress homemade LEGO creations. 

He made Ironman's new armor/suit with cardboards. As usual, he used Sharpies, a black fine-tip pen and gold & silver colored pencils to draw the details of the suit.

I love that Noah makes do with the materials he has on-hand. He used Flash's helmet to make Captain America's headgear. This is why the insides are red. He had to cut off Flash's lightning horns with a nailcutter! Blue paint, aqua & blue Sharpies and a correction marker for the A helped him complete Captain's helmet.

I have a feeling Noah will be busy completing the Avengers 2 cast after we watch the movie. :)

Noah's age when he created this: 10 years, 3 months.

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